Fully Formulated Products

The Deltaform range is constantly growing. Please keep in contact with us to find out about our latest developments.

Metal cutting and grinding

The Deltacut and Deltagrind fluid ranges comprise of conventional high oil ‘milky’ emulsions, medium oil and low oil semi synthetic emulsions/micro emulsions and fully synthetic solutions.

The chemistry of our Deltacut products varies from traditional emulsions utilising sulphonate or amine technology, through to secondary amine free formulations, boron free and biocide free. Whether you are looking for low cost options or products at the forefront of technology, Delta has the answer.

Also available from Delta are our Delta Neatcut neat cutting oils. We have a variety of products including products based on hydotreated base stocks giving clear, high flash point fluids of exceptional stability and cleanliness, ideal for the modern manufacturing environment.

Metal forming

The Deltaform range of products comprise of high performance neat oils, specialist emulsifiable forming oils that can be used either neat or in the form of an emulsion, and a range of high performance vanishing oils.

Discuss your requirements with us and we can help in the selection of the right forming lubricant for you, taking into consideration the metal type, the forming operation, the severity of the application, the application method of the lubricant and the cleaning method.

The Delta form range is constantly growing. Please keep in contact with us to find out about our latest developments.

Specialist EDM and glasscut

Delta manufacture high quality, low deposit EDM fluids from narrow cut base oils which are both clean and pleasant to use as they are extremely low odour. We also manufacture a specialist glass cutting fluid which gives clean and consistent cuts.

Contact us if you have any questions about these products.


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