We have launched our new website. Take the opportunity to have look around the site to get a better understanding of who Delta are and, more importantly, what we do.

Delta was formed approximately 5 years ago and has recently completed its relocation into a new manufacturing facility now fully operational with a blending capacity of over 4 million litres per annum.

There are 4 shareholders who are all industry professionals each with in excess of 25 years of service in different fields within industrial lubricants, who, between them, saw a huge gap in the industry for products and services either unavailable or lacking consistency and quality within the market place.

The ethos of Delta is to be a flexible partner for our customers and not to be swamped by administration or unnecessary processes. We realise this is important for our customers in a fast moving industrial sector where proposed changes to legislation together with advances in material technology and machining processes mean that new products often need to be considered quickly yet still efficiently without compromising quality.

Having flexibility is benefit to our customers as long as it does not compromise quality. We take quality very seriously at Delta whether it is at the product development stage, the accuracy of administration, manufacture, packing or despatch of finished product. We strive to make sure that quality standards are continually improved and maintained throughout the company as a whole.

Please monitor our future blogs where we will be covering technical issues related to industrial lubricants with a bias towards our favourite subjects of metal cutting and metal forming lubricants. Product groups that some manufacturers shy away from because they are perceived as technically challenging.

Our new facility gives us the sound foundation to move the company forward. You can be assured that Delta will always be at the forefront of technology and will always be proactive in bringing new products forward for our customers to market under their own brand. We want to give our customers a competitive edge and be part of your success story in marketing and selling industrial lubricants.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Delta team via the website, telephone or email, we are happy to help with any enquiries you have relating to industrial lubricants.