Delta are able to modify the packages to suit your base oil, confirming the exact blend ratio for you.
Water based metalworking fluids can have very complicated formulations containing many components, often at small treat rates. To simplify the manufacturing process, Delta offer a number of concentrate packages which simplify the blending process for our customers who want to blend their own products.

Often a simple ambient temperature blend with your preferred base oil will be enough to produce a metalworking fluid concentrate to sell under your own brand. Sometimes it may be necessary to blend in one or two additional additives, but this is still a simplified blend compared to a full formulation.

Why do customers blend form packages :

  • To give simplified blends that are easy to manufacture without blends failing to meet their QC testing and the necessary correction of blends.
  • To cut down on raw material inventory, minimising the number of raw materials held whilst still retaining manufacture on your site.
  • Retaining your own Intellectual Property by making simplified blends rather than buying finished products from a manufacturer.
  • Reducing transportation costs when shipping products overseas. It is cheaper to ship a package that makes up 20% of a finished product than the finished product. This way base oil is not being shipped from one country to another when it is available locally.

Talk to Delta about your package needs. We have packages available for conventional (high oil content) products, medium and low oil semi synthetic products and fully synthetic solutions. We also have ‘universal’ packages which are ideal for manufacturing a number of products from one package.